Study protocol

On this page, you can find our most recent version of the research protocol. We use the research protocol to guide our research, but it also functions as a “living” document. That means it changes as  the project develops. Below you can access the latest version of our protocol. Underneath you will also find our archive of previous versions of the research protocol with a short description next to it of what changes we have made.

Please read our full protocol here (PDF-file).

Last edited January 19th, 2018.
Changes in phrasing of research questions for the focus group part. See p. 5-6. Minor alterations in procedure focus groups. See p. 10


  • Full protocol (October 2017 — Adding of an extra research question for the first part of the project. See p.5)
  • Full protocol (September 2017 — Minor alterations in phrasing of research questions)
  • Full protocol (May 2017)

Pilot intervention protocol

Protocol MCD pilot