On this page, you can read the latest ARCA developments. It contains short news items on milestones in our project of investigating the academic research climate in Amsterdam.

See here for our results about publication pressure in Amsterdam.

November 2018

See here for the revision of the Publication Pressure Questionnaire.

November 2018

You can now register for our pilot intervention training Superb Supervision – Mentoring your PhD candidate towards research integrity. The pilot is based on our survey and focus group data where we found that inadequate of lack of supervision is a major problem in the current research climate. The pilot combines practical research integrity tools (preprints, preregistrations, etc.) with invaluable soft-skills, such as listening, giving feedback and building an atmosphere of trust with your PhD candidate. The pilot is free of charge for researchers from the VU, UvA and Amsterdam UMC. You can register here.

September 2018

See here for our results regarding the research climate for integrity in Amsterdam.

August 2018

The first focus group invitations were sent out. We are working hard to recruit enough researchers so we can have focus groups with researchers with the same academic rank and the same disciplinary field. We would like to hear what they consider an optimal research climate, what behaviours and misbehaviours play a role in the integrity climate in their department and what interventions they would consider for fruitful for fostering integrity. If you have received an invitation and you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

March 2018

We are just back from the PRINTEGER conference where we presented some preliminary results from the Survey of Organisational Research Climate (SOuRCe).

February 2018

First results are being analysed and we are putting together the manuscript for the Survey of Organisational Research Climate (SOuRCe). The SOuRCe has been developed by Carol Trush and Brian Martinson. We are meeting Brian Martinson next week in Paris to discuss the draft manuscript.

December 2017

Our study is preregistered! You’ll be able to see (in detail) what analyses we are planning to do, how we will treat outliers, what tests we would use and what hypotheses we aim to test. You can find our preregistration here.

October 2017

The survey is out! Please help us by sharing your views on the organisational climate in your institute. You have until July 2017 to fill in our survey. It should be sent to your work e-mail.

June 2017

Currently we are working hard on finalising the survey and re-validating one of the instruments that we will use to measure publication pressure and stress. Towards the end of May, the ARCA project will go live, starting with the ARCA survey. Here we are approaching all academics in Amsterdam involved in research to ask their opinion on the research climate. All active researchers will receive an information letter, followed by an invitational email. The email contains a personalised and unique link to the survey.

Be aware that results will be disseminated per research institute or faculty, only if more than 25 researchers filled in the survey. Faculties and research institutes will receive an aggregated report of average scores. With these reports, we hope to spark discussion on responsible conduct of research.

May 2017

The overall results will be published here, as well as links to scientific publications.