Superb Supervision

Why this training?

In this video the ARCA researchers spell out the relevance of the training program.

The ARCA survey study in 2017 demonstrated that insufficient mentoring of junior researchers is one of the most important research misbehaviours. When trying to understand this better in a focus group, many researchers indicated they never had received appropriate training regarding mentoring with a focus on research integrity.

We think that one of the ways to improve the research climate is to ensure that junior researchers are mentored with a strong emphasis on research integrity; that they learn from their supervisors how to become a responsible researcher. This is why we (the ARCA researchers together with Mennen Training & Coaching) developed the training Superb SupervisionMentoring your PhD candidate towards Research Integrity. This pilot is endorsed by the rector of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (see here) and the executive board of the Amsterdam UMC (locations VUmc and AMC – see here).

The training consists of three days. This includes a training session with professional actors where you will learn how to become a responsible mentor. The training also provides the practical know-how on preregistrations, preprints and post-publication peer review. You will work with your own research integrity dilemmas and cases from other participants and finally you will learn how to mentor your PhD candidate how to plan his/her research realistically. Click here (PDF-file) for an overview of the program.

Learning goals
After this training, you will be able to:

  • Apply the new Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity in the work of your PhD candidates
  • Foster your PhD candidates into autonomous and self-assured responsible researchers
  • Offer your PhD candidates a safe working climate where there is space for their own critical thinking and personal growth
  • Work with a variety of practical research integrity tools that can support your PhD candidates in conducting their research responsibly
  • Apply essential practical skills (such as listening, giving feedback, coaching and expectation management…) that will make you a mentor with a focus on research integrity.
  • Develop your own style of mentoring PhD candidates

The training is given by the ARCA researchers (prof. Lex Bouter, dr. Joeri Tijdink and Tamarinde Haven) in combination with dr. ir. Louise Mennen.

Dr. Louise Mennen worked for more than 10 years as a scientist in academia. She noticed that for pushing science forward, besides increasing scientific skills and knowledge, scientists also need to improve their soft skills and self-awareness. She now trains and coaches scientists, to help stimulate their personal development and inspire them to become better scientists and leaders. Due to her large experience in life science research she knows what research dilemma’s you are currently facing and she knows how to help you with your personal challenges.


Note: both groups are full. You can register for the waiting list.

Group 1 is on January 9th, April 17th and September 18th.
Group 2 is on January 22nd, April 25th and September 26th. 

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