Team members

The ARCA main research team consists of:

  • Prof. dr. Lex Bouter, professor of methodololgy and research integrity
  • Dr. Joeri Tijdink, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Tamarinde Haven MSc, PhD student

Lex Bouter has a background in medical biology and
was trained as an epidemiologist in Maastricht where he obtained his PhD. Bouter took up a tenured position as Professor of Epidemiology and Scientific Director of the EMGO+ Institute for Health and Care Research at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. He was Editor (1996-2002) and Editor-in-Chief (2002-2006) of the Cochrane Collaboration Back Review Group. From 2001 until 2006 he additionally chaired of one of the six divisions at the VU University Medical Center. From 2006 until 2013 he was Rector Magnificus and member of the Executive Board of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In this function he focused on combining research groups in interdisciplinary research institutes. In 2014 his tenured professorship was broadened to Methodology and Integrity. He is currently involved in teaching and research regarding responsible conduct of research, questionable research practices and research misconduct. He organizes and co-chairs the 5th World Conference on Research Integrity in Amsterdam, May 2017.

Joeri Tijdink: “I am currently working as a psychiatrist at VU Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam and hold a postdoc position at the VU University where I am part of the department of Philosophy. I finished my PhD last June, 2016, entitles ‘Publish and Perish: Research on research and researchers’ (see link) that aimed to uncover the major pitfalls in contemporary publication practices with a focus on the role of individual factors experienced by biomedical scientists (burnout symptomatology, publication pressure and personality traits). Within this area I undertook several research projects that tried to uncover the major causes of research misbehavior. My special interest focusses on the role of publication pressure in contemporary publication culture and to what extent personality traits can be a risk factor for research misbehavior. I also think that we should be more aware of how emotional states of scientists (and medical doctors) can influence scientific practices and undermine (medical) decision making and collaboration.”

Tamarinde Haven: “I am the ARCA in action. My name is Tamarinde and I am currently working at the VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam Public Health, focusing on research integrity. My background is in Psychology at the University of Groningen and the University of Calgary, where I focused on bioethics. Afterwards I obtained an MSc from the University of Edinburgh in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition. My project combines empirical research methodology with philosophical investigations. I currently have the privilege to collaborate with experienced researchers from all over Amsterdam. ARCA drew my interest because it was embedded in a philosophical larger project and its deep relevance. As scientists, we should always strive to deserve public trust and being reliable and adhering to your integrity are vital in that.”